2017 sees the iPhone marking its 10th anniversary (maybe the next gen iPhone will be made from tin!) and no-one can deny the impact that it, and its Android counterparts, have made on our lives and the way we interact with a multitude of businesses.

One notable positive impact has been how various app vendors utilise gamification to engage with their users; and motivates them to do things that benefit the vendor. 

Some great examples spring to mind: 

Waze, the navigation app that gives you points for just using it and also for reporting road traffic incidents (in a safe and responsible manner of course).

Then there's the Aviva Drive app that brings a competitive edge to becoming a safe driver, and then rewards you with a lower premium!

From a Fintech perspective I'd also add Monzo - the prepaid credit card looking to become a full blown bank. It's rich featured app helps you keep track of spending and I'm finding that it also encourages saving too.

Carefully considered, incorporating gamification into a mobile strategy could help both insurers to reduce claims, and customers to reduce premiums.