No doubt many of you are familiar with the Terminator films and I-Robot where robots take over the world.  Should we be worried about this?

Personally I cannot see that robots with Automated Intelligence (AI), the way they are portrayed in these films, will ever happen. Before the barrage of arguments come in, let me address this.

Already us mortal humans carry the AI technology, which is part of the "insurtech disruption".  Telematics, clothing, heart-chips, GPS, glasses, watches etc.  In fact, we are providing the robot form for the technology to sit within or on.

So, the alternative of AI robots taking over the world would be AI combined with the human touch saving the human race.

For example, electronic health chips measuring blood and sugar levels, as well as heart rate, being fed to doctors, should they fall within the wrong tolerances. 

It is clear that the digital media and banking industries have not utilised the correct robotic process automation (or RPA). Consumers frustrated with telephone banking sending you in loops or to the wrong menu or unhelpful internet "Did that solve your problem?" help pages.  

Human interaction therefore becomes imperative and is not difficult to achieve if insurers are prepared to accept that some processes can be automated but some customers still want to talk.  A technology business partner can assist the insurance industry on this journey and deliver a successful outcome.

Will the insurance industry learn from this?