Office 365 is growing at an alarming rate and Microsoft Teams, while not new, has been receiving increasing attention recently. 

Jasper Oosterveld makes some excellent points about how difficult and confusing it can be to decide which collaboration tool is right for you but I think we can all agree on one thing - nobody wants to collaborate via email any more. Oh, don't get me wrong, I do it all the time and a little piece of me dies every time I hit 'reply all'. I think it's time for the bold to show the way. 

At InsureTech, we're a truly global development community and can often be found on video conferences with Latin America, the US or India but increasingly we're turning to collaboration tools like Yammer and Teams. I particularly like the integrations Visual Studio Team System - who wants to micro manage access to team resources anymore? You want everything your team needs in one place and you just want it to work! And it does. 

I'll be talking to the rest of our Technology Office about increasing adoption and in the meantime put my money where my mouth is and post this article to our Team chat channel.