Great article by Laurence King! I agree with everything he says and want to pick on one particular point - having data in digital format. 

I want to share a secret with you - getting additional information out of 'boring' data is really easy. Especially if you leverage some of the AI APIs already available in Azure. 

If you're not leveraging AI already, start small. Take some notes or commentary from your submission and run it through Azure's sentiment analysis API. Done, instant feedback on how happy or angry your client is. Want extra information about images your claimant has just sent through? Pop it into cognitive API for image recognition and get a description of its contents. 

And the best thing? It's super cheap to dip your toe. Azure APIs are charged by usage - no big up front costs, no expensive system deployments. I went big and set up a website for image analysis (took 20 minutes) and uploaded a bunch of random photos (thanks google!). Cost? Free. it's been running for 6 months, I've just not been uploading anything recently (I've got a day job you know!). 

Anyway. The message is pretty clear. Digitise your data. Open up your options. Try something new.