One month on from attending (and having the privilege of speaking at) one of the largest Women in technology conferences, I found this follow up interview on the Women of Silicon Roundabout's website by Asif Sadiq, Head of Diversity, inclusion and belonging at the telegraph.

It made me smile because half way down he is asked the slightly awkward question "So why are women so crucial to the continued growth of the tech sector?".  

It made me think how would I answer this (as a female in an Insurance and Tech organisation who is very involved with attracting more women into the business and also keeping them!).

So here is my brief and summarised thoughts:

I completely agree with Asif on his point around creating products without bias.  I'm a product person so I totally get this. Avoiding bias and having greater diversity all round also means we will get to explore a wider set of options, bring more varied experiences and be able to see the problem from different viewpoints. In short we are more likely, collectively, to make better decisions. There are loads of good statistics on that. 

I've also personally experienced (and there may not be as many stats around this bit) that where working groups are more varied in background, experience and gender that the communication changes.  People open up, listen better, ask the questions they really want to, often resulting in more inclusive, productive and decisive working relationships. 

How would you answer?