As the world shifts from assets and ownership to sharing and hiring, insurance products will need to cover very different risks for much shorter time periods. Have you thought about what that might look like?

I'm envisaging reams and reams of policies, as the lifespan of a policy reduces from months to minutes.  Both automation and the right data to drive it will be essential to deal with this level of customer interaction.

Will it be interaction with a customer as we know it?  As insurance shifts to cover the experience rather than the person or the asset, I start to think about the connected world and how our smart devices (we have around 6 each on average in our homes now) will start to insure themselves and their surroundings.

With the range and number of connected devices in the world growing at an unstoppable rate, including toothbrushes that can monitor your brushing and send data back to your dental insurance provider, what's next?

If a number of devices can be involved in purchasing insurance then maybe they can make a claim too?  How fantastic would it be if your cars black box and dashboard cam could log the claim for you saving all those phone calls and forms.

What would you add to your insurance Internet of Things?